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DH201 Assignment #1: Topics Gleaned from the Digital Humanities Quarterly

For readers of this blog who are not my DH201 classmates, please don’t read this post. It won’t make sense to you, and you’ll be annoyed for having wasted your time. Advertisements

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DH201 Post #4: DH Readings & Open Access

Happy Open Access Week, everyone! This is a bit belated as Open Access Week this year ran from October 21-28, but in honor of the open, generous sentiments behind the Open Access movement (even if the week in its name … Continue reading

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OUP Of Thee I Sing

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the premier university press. OUP’s content is top-notch, unparalleled in scope and difficult to match in quality. Being published by the press is a dream come true for many academics (even if a scholarly-dripped-with-ambition kind of dream). On a personal … Continue reading

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Upcoming Posts

Some more puzzles about blogging Thoughts on legal opinions Talk and tell — a privacy intrusion? Autumn at the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC): Internet Librarian conference “Without being tempting, the dark side would be the dark, empty place.” … Continue reading

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In-Book Advertisements

In book advertisements, or information included in books with the aim of encouraging the current readers to spend more time and money with the publishers, are a notoriously ineffective form of marketing. This must be why there are so few … Continue reading

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Today, For the First Time . . .

. . . I read a judicial opinion. I don’t know how it happened that I’ve read (eh, skimmed the relevant parts of) statutes, perused commentary works on legal doctrines ranging from Wikipedia articles to full length book treatises, examined amicus briefs, … Continue reading

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Cultural Osmosis: Hakone Gardens & a Japanese Tea Ceremony

The detour around the car show taking place on the streets of lovely, manicured City of Saratoga  took seven minutes, making me exactly seven minutes late to the Japanese tea ceremony at Hakone Estate & Gardens (“the oldest Asian estate and garden … Continue reading

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