A Little Announcement

Hello readers of this blog (note how I’m optimistically using the plural),

I’m taking a class this quarter in which blogging is a requirement. I’ve decided to use Books, Libs, Scripts (that’s this blog, in case you stumbled here as a result of a terrible mistake) as the medium to push out those blog posts. For those of you who absolutely hate reading stuff written for classes, I sympathize and will make sure to prominently title and tag these posts so you can skip right over them. (But not the rest, right? You read all the rest of my posts with rapt attention, yes?)

For those of you who are still reading, here’s the description to the assignment, “Each week, you’re required to write a 350–500-word reflection, to be posted to your own blog by Tuesday evening at 8:00. You can reflect on the week’s reading, the progress of our group project, or — ideally — attempt to synthesize the two.” So, to recap, this is an announcement that during the next three months or so, you’ll have a) me, b) me writing, c) me writing about articles that I’ve read, d) me writing about articles that I’ve read in a least pain-inducing manner that I can manage, and e) that happening once a week.

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