Upcoming Posts

  1. Some more puzzles about blogging
  2. Thoughts on legal opinions
  3. Talk and tell — a privacy intrusion?
  4. Autumn at the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC): Internet Librarian conference
  5. “Without being tempting, the dark side would be the dark, empty place.” OUP
  6. The profane mixing of the (attempted) serious and the (decidedly) low-brow writing
  7. The great cull
  8. A strike price for selling e-books
  9. I did what?
  10. The things we read and the things we buy
  11. More than long essays, shorter than (most) books (examples, here and here)
  12. Some thoughts on the American Historical Association statement on open access
  13. RosettaBooks
  14. Authors Guild v. HathiTrust: a big victory?
  15. OpenBook Publishers
  16. Grateful acknowledgments
  17. I feel duped! Damn books!
  18. e-book editions
  19. e-book cost/use/business models
  20. I miss blogging
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