DH201 Post #5: Tech Team! Boo Yeah!

Due to my being uniquely unqualified for other tasks, I expressed an interest in and was assigned to the Technical Team for our DH201 final project. Accordingly, this means I, along with five other mates, will “build [a Drupal] site [that] implements specifications from the content and design teams“.

Like any true team player, I began my contribution to the work by promptly missing class the week we were assigned to the teams. In my defense, I was at a conference. Not so much in my defense, I missed the panels on Drupal presented during this conference. Back in the defense court, this probably happened because I was running around helping my boss with work. Considering that he had so kindly paid for my travel expenses as well as registration fees when I’m a mere peon of an intern and that I was there to work, I would hardly do otherwise (nor wanted to). Not so much in my defense, a lot of the work was very enjoyable. Do things still count as work if one likes doing them?

Still, whether guilty of negligence or not, I’m on the technical team. I tried to make up for my absence by asking some dumb questions when I got back. “What’s a wire?”; “Do we have a website yet?” (by which I mean for a place hosting our to-be-created site); “What’s this Drupal thing?” (OK, I didn’t really ask that last one, but I did reiterate my lack of prior experience with Drupal. But I can learn. Really!)

Thank goodness then that the leader of our team seems both incredibly competent and relaxed (and probably long-suffering). Unlike other teams, we haven’t met, but we plan to meet. My harebrain idea, backed up by his confident and easy style, is that we’ll set up one day in which we’ll all get together, cluster around a pod with multiple computers plugged in, face one giant screen, all click and type away and we’ll bang out the website during that day. After we have created the site, we can either plopped the specifications and content we’ve already received from the other teams onto the site, or if we haven’t, we’ll give everybody access to the site with enough structure and direction that they can just put in their content without having to deal with Drupal-ness of the Drupal site. If time allows, we can also have an iterative process in which with a draft site already created, it will be much easier to get our classmates’ feedback and figure out what they would like to  added on, eliminated, or modified in some other ways.

Fellow technical team members, what do you think? (I hope this doesn’t come off as setting the agenda or being bossy. This is just an idea. Having proposed it, I obviously think it has good points to recommend it, but we can of course do things differently. As long as it’s not too different. Or on second thought, not different at all . . . Kidding!)

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