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That Would Spoil Everything.

People who need to possess the physical copy of a book, and not merely an electronic version, are in some sense mystics. We believe that the objects themselves are sacred, not just the stories they tell. We believe that books … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Happened.

Yes, peeps, it’s finally happened. I bought a book that I want to read at full price instead of a book that I quasi wouldn’t mind reading at a discount. So this in place of this

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Analysis of the Proposed UC Open Access Mandate

I did a presentation on the proposed UC Open Access Mandate last quarter. Since comments on the proposal are due this Friday and, if ubiquitous positive, will decide the fate the mandate, I thought I throw my presentation on here.

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This is the Most Awesome Thing Since Sliced Bread.

The most awesome thing since sliced bread is, of course, a license to grant “public┬ánon-commercial online access to copyrighted material” after sales of the material has dropped below a preset threshold. How sensible and cool is that! Check out a … Continue reading

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Nine Facts about Top Journals in Economics

I was at the American Economic Association (AEA) annual meeting last weekend. In addition checking out all the academic publishers’ exhibits at the meeting, I picked up David Card and DellaVigna’s paper titled Nine Facts about Top Journals in Economics. … Continue reading

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Happy New Year & a News Catch-Up

Hello and happy new year, peeps! As there’s no better way to begin a 7-day-old new year than by catching up on the current state of some law suits that I’ve been following (is there?), let’s us jump into right … Continue reading

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