Santa’s Little Helper

Since I found out that my campus library set aside money to buy materials that its patrons request to borrow from another institution, i.e. materials that the library did not yet have but for which there is proven demand, I’ve been most tempted to help my library add to its collection. I know of good books, recently published, brought out by reputable publishers and readily available from jobbers that my library, for reasons unfathomable by me, does not have. I know I would check out these books if my library had them; I know the process for requesting these books via an inter-library loan and thus triggering their purchase is much faster and more efficient than the creaky, intrusive formal request for a book acquisition. Given all that, shouldn’t I help my library get these fantastic books by asking to “borrow” them?


I’ll let you guess how I resolved that question. But on a completely unrelated note, I expect that my library will have in its collection Louis Michael Seidman’s On Constitutional Disobedience and Craig Whitney’s Living with Guns: A Liberal’s Case for the Second Amendment soon. And I feel like Santa’s little helper.

(Photo taken from borevagen.)

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