Ah, Asha

I’ve been buying teas from Asha Tea House for a while but had the chance to hop into its physical store only very recently. As I’d like to bring you guys with me on every new tea adventure, here’s some more more of my bad photography on display to document the trip!

Yeah, the photos are bad. My tea experience wasn’t so bad, but neither was it a blast. I think I suffered from the dislocation of having gotten to know Asha online, where the tea aspect of the business dominated, and then stepping foot into the real store, where the milk plus various other fruit, herbal, and latte concoctions dwarfed the space, staff time, and customer count. I’m as much of a milk tea lover as the next guy (and probably a lot more unless the next guy also happens to be a sweet-toothed fiend), but I was expecting something different. Something more along the lines of the “we take ourselves very seriously” Teance or the lovely, relaxed, but definitely tea-focused Floating Leaves. Asha was neither, and I didn’t help its tea cause celebre any by ordering two as-it-turned-out rather astringent brews to drink on an almost-empty stomach.

I think I shall enjoy Asha milk tea very much the next time I’m in the store; I will just have to reorient myself to think of the experience as going to a cafe.

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