Pushing Audible

Remember this?
tell publisher
This was when the Kindle was new and Amazon used to market it heavily by, among other things, displaying a little “Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this on Kindle” button next to books that weren’t already offered in electronic form. This button is no more. It’s been muscled out by its younger, flashier, hit-the-gym-more button for telling Amaazon that you want an audiobook. This guy

Pushing Audible

Amazon has been pushing its audiobook affliate, Audible, pretty hard. For many books, the retailer now has a feature where if you buy the Kindle version of the book first, you get the Audible version for a drastically reduced price. Something like this

Amazon Whispersync

Note that the discount always applies to the Audible book and not the (more established) Kindle e-book. You can’t buy an Audible book and then get the Kindle version for a discount. It is the Audible book that is favored.

This is all good. I love discounts. I would love this particular discount more if I also get it for the Kindle book, but I still like this deal a whole lot. Moreover, I love Amazon inventiveness, or in this case, its “direct sale” approach. See how the company is appealing directly to rights holders to make their content available in audiobooks? Amazon is moving into the publishing space, but unlike traditional publishers, Amazon speaks directly to both consumers/readers and rights holders/authors. Pretty bold, don’t you think?

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