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Mixing of the (Attempted) Serious and the (Decidedly) Low-Brow

This week, without foresight, has turned out to be a week where I blab a lot about writing. Let’s have another data point & call it a definite trend, what do you say? Blogging, blabbing, chatting — do they turn … Continue reading

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A Giving Pledge for Authors

The author Chinua Achebe died last week. Writers at many literary outlets have written to express their thoughts at the passing of this “iconic Nigerian novelist”. To this panoply of thoughts, I’d like to add one: 70 years from today, or the year … Continue reading

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Managing a Personal Library

In the grand scheme of collectors, hoarders, and other aficionados, I have a teeny, tiny little collection of electronic books. (The number of print books I own, shamefully, number in the teens.) In the not-so-grand-scheme of my life, I still … Continue reading

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How do you think of cover letters? Do you think of them as an opportunity to let your personaliity shine through or as a chore you must painfully do as a first step to landing a job? I think Eudora … Continue reading

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Guide on Writing

His guide on what to write about was simple: “It was because I got annoyed wth something.” So said David M. Dorsen in his judicial biography Henry Friendly, Greatest Judge of His Era. I’d hardly think that Judge Friendly was alone … Continue reading

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Scholarly Communication Librarian

I had the chance to share my thoughts on the role of a scholarly communication librarian in a health sciences library recently. These are the slides I used to talk on that topic. As a side note, I always think … Continue reading

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Kirtsaeng v. Wiley Decided!

Kirtsaeng v. Wiley has been decided! Read the ruling hot off the Supreme Court press this morning! Yes, the opinion is 74 pages. But don’t be discouraged! You can get everything you need to know about the background of the case … Continue reading

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