Scholarly Communication Librarian

I had the chance to share my thoughts on the role of a scholarly communication librarian in a health sciences library recently. These are the slides I used to talk on that topic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a side note, I always think that perhaps I should jazz up my slides. Use Prezi or something. I think Prezi would be a perfect tool to use if I were giving not a one-time, must-make-or-miss presentation but rather a talk as a part of a series in a familiar setting where I know the technology will work. It would also be appropriate if the content reflects Prezi’s dynamism, e.g. if the topic of the talk were “the road our library took to digitize special collection X”. I’ve yet to find such an occasion and have stuck with good, old Powerpoint for most of my talks. I dearly hope that I haven’t put many-a-people to sleep with my performance.

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