Mixing of the (Attempted) Serious and the (Decidedly) Low-Brow

This week, without foresight, has turned out to be a week where I blab a lot about writing. Let’s have another data point & call it a definite trend, what do you say?

Blogging, blabbing, chatting — do they turn into writing, discussing, and persuading at some clearly defined threshold? There sure is a lot of blabbing on this blog, what I termed the (decidedly?) low-brow in the title. The blog probably doesn’t sink that low though, as I haven’t yet tried to peddle any commercial product to you guys, including, but not limited to, penile enhancement, extremist agenda, or a chance to share my Nigerian inheritance if only you would send me some money beforehand.

The blog also tries to soar sometimes, although decidedly not that high. I write regularly — almost daily for a period of over year now — and attempt original content. Nothing is news breaking; instead posts are engagements and reflections of things I read and think about. Nothing is wildly new, came up with in a vacuum, but I do supply my own words, thoughts, and careful hyperlinks to sources. Occasionally, I remind myself not to drown my readers in boredom with my earnestness.

As a vehicle for my own thoughts within the defined fields of libraries, publishing, and teas, I think the blog succeeds. As a means of engagement with others, I’m not so sure. All in all, the blog probably cannot be better until the blogger is somebody who can speak with more authority and expertise. Until then, here’s to the baby steps!

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