Following Up on My Own Posts

Is this weird? (And if you ask that, you know you’re fishing for an answer.) I make little comments on my own posts to update them from time to time. For example, if I write about an on-going lawsuit and new developments take place, then I go back to the original post and leave a comment briefly stating what the new information is.

This act of following up on my own posts resembles much more a matter of record keeping than public engagement. After all, the overwhelming visits I get to the blog are to the newest post the day it is published. So who would read those comments that are updates to old posts but me? Weird indeed.

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One Response to Following Up on My Own Posts

  1. I think this is my way of keeping content fresh for that mystical reader who will stumble upon my blog years down the road from when I wrote it. It’s my way of saying to this yet-to-materialize reader, “you see, I still care. Although I wrote this post a long time ago, I still keep it in mind, and every time I run into something that’s relevant to the post, I freshen up the post with the new information. So you needn’t feel that you’re reading something ancient written by someone just as ancient.”

    Weird, and silly!

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