Upcoming Posts

  1. It’s hard to write when you don’t read.
  2. My first Prezi presentation
  3. The blog posts are getting a bit too long.
  4. Bloomsbury Press
  5. The art of cherry picking a book review
  6. Book with parts not more than its sum
  7. Cato Institute Press
  8. An unexpected well read book
  9. Hot teas in hot times
  10. Amazon’s business model
  11. The effect of readership in recreational blogging
  12. Reading about sex
  13. Death is a good time to be acknowledged.
  14. A very strange book
  15. Unexpected classroom readings
  16. Topical phases in blogging
  17. Quality vs. quantity
  18. Orwell on tea making
  19. A hodgepodge of book news
  20. Too many links?
  21. Foreign languages in English texts
  22. Repeated fails
  23. Memorial Day is not a reading holiday
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