Meeting An Author

Stuart Banner’s American Property: A History of How, Why, and What We Own is a special book I’m reading. I’m now not going to even pause for you to ask why it’s special (mostly because I suspect that you weren’t going to). I’ll just tell you!

It’s because I got to meet Stuart Banner! I’ve never met anybody whose book I’ve read before, especially not when “meeting” means I sat in an audience of over 200 people while the author gave a brief 5-minute talk. Which is exactly how I met Stuart Banner!

It was just special enough for me. Admittedly, I would’ve loved to actually approach and talk with him one-on-one (just like how I would to meet Peter Jaszi and Lawrence Lessig one day), but given my utter lack of courage and the fact that lunch was 5 minutes away, I think this encounter was sufficient. Of course, if Stuart Banner now reads this blog post and immediately jumps up and says, “Why, I must take this girl to lunch and we’ll have the most interesting, amicable chat the whole time!”, then that would be great too.

How do you feel about meeting an author? Do you feel like it adds a lot of your reading experience? Do you go to book festivals to mob the writers of your books? Are authors celebrities?

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