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Is it a bird? Is it a book? Why, it’s my new e-reader cover. For $10 (due to “labor intensity”), Books Beyond Bars will sell you one of these nifty covers that they hand made. The covers came from books that … Continue reading

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I Beg to Differ, Mr. Orwell.

Hat tip to Maria Popova at Brain Pickings for alerting us to George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules on how to to make the perfect cup of tea. Here are a couple of the 11 nuggets First of all, one should use … Continue reading

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A Very Strange Book

Have any of you read James Q. Whitman’s The Verdict of Battle: The Law of Victory and the Making of Modern War? As Whitman’s book is no bestseller and my blog no mega popular web spot, I realize the chances … Continue reading

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Death is a Good Time to be Acknowledged.

Death is a good time to be acknowledged. This is only sensible: your death is an occasion to remind people what you may have accomplished in life. It serves as a coordinating mechanism, a reason, or an excuse for people … Continue reading

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Reading About Sex

The book I’m reading is Under Household Government: Sex and Family in Puritan Massachusetts by M. Michelle Jarrett Morris. M. Morris describes her book in this way, “this is a story about families and family life in late seventeenth-century Massachusetts. The families in … Continue reading

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Readers & Bloggers

Almost all blogs that I chance upon who happen to touch on the topic mention how much the bloggers enjoy writing because of the interactions their blogs allow them to have with their readers. This got me to thinking. How … Continue reading

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Not More than the Sum of its Parts

Collections of essays fall into two sorts: those that are intentionally written to be a collection and those with their constituent parts written, and even initially published, as individual pieces but then eventually pulled together to make a book. Examples … Continue reading

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