Reusing Content

Remember this post? It talks about how some of the pieces that appear on Books, Libs, Scripts originate as class assignments. (And if you didn’t remember, that’s OK. Neither did I.) Since writing that blog post, I have continued to re-purpose some of my writings that began their lives elsewhere. This is because I particularly like these pieces and thought they would do alright on a blog space.

You may now think I’m now plying my odd humor and so wrote this post to simply recycle content from a post about recycling content. Meta-recycling as it were. The thought did cross my mind, but thankfully for the both of us, I decided that that would be too cutesy for me to pull off. So, no, in fact, this post will contain new content!

And that is: I’ve begun to recycle content in the other direction too. Some of my writings that began their lives as posts on Books, Libs, and Scripts I’ve liked so much that I’ve tried working the ideas contained in them into formal assignments. Of course, I’ve had to add, prune, and supplement their content as well as spruce up the language to befit the requirements of the assignments, but the ideas remain as I had them when I first articulated them on this blog.

I hope I’ve succeeded with this reverse transplant. Stay tuned & I’ll let you know!

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