I Beg to Differ, Mr. Orwell.

Hat tip to Maria Popova at Brain Pickings for alerting us to George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules on how to to make the perfect cup of tea. Here are a couple of the 11 nuggets

First of all, one should use Indian or Ceylonese tea. China tea has virtues which are not to be despised nowadays — it is economical, and one can drink it without milk — but there is not much stimulation in it. One does not feel wiser, braver or more optimistic after drinking it. Anyone who has used that comforting phrase ‘a nice cup of tea’ invariably means Indian tea . . .

Sixthly, one should take the teapot to the kettle and not the other way about. The water should be actually boiling at the moment of impact, which means that one should keep it on the flame while one pours . . .

Ninthly, one should pour the cream off the milk before using it for tea. Milk that is too creamy always gives tea a sickly taste . . .

Oh, Mr. Orwell, you may be funny and ironic and terribly sly in offering “controversial points . . . in connexion with tea drinking”, but on tea making, you are so very wrong. Have you ever drunk anything but black tea? And even with black teas, there are many fine Chinese varieties that are not to be drunk with milk, sugar, cream or anything that isn’t tea leaves and water!

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One Response to I Beg to Differ, Mr. Orwell.

  1. A.M.B. says:

    Very funny! I love many varieties of tea, but I am partial to “Ceylonese” tea because it’s what I grew up drinking.

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