Is it a bird?
Is It a Bird?

Is it a book?

Is it a Book?

Why, it’s my new e-reader cover.

My new Kindle cover
For $10 (due to “labor intensity”), Books Beyond Bars will sell you one of these nifty covers that they hand made. The covers came from books that the group is taking to the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Detention Center. As the teen detainees are not allowed to have books with hardcovers, Books Beyond Bars has removed the cardboard covers and now converted them into yummy cupcake e-reader shells. (Other more manly options are available.) All the money will go into supporting the student group’s effort future good works. Accessorizing has never felt so good.

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One Response to Accessorizing

  1. Emily says:

    That is so cool! $10 isn’t bad, as I paid an arm and a leg for the cute Kate Spade cover I just *had* to have for my Kindle.

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