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Wrongful Life?

The reason I like reading nonfiction so much is because I feel I learn all kinds of weird, wonderful things reading them books. Take Elizabeth Price Foley’s The Law of Life and Death for instance. The book touches on the concept of wrongful … Continue reading

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Peter Suber’s book “Open Access” has gone open access today. It’s free, free, free! Even better: Open Access is available in a myriad of formats, including not only your run-of-the-mill PDF but also ePub, Mobi, and HTML. Get the book … Continue reading

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The Things One Learns . . .

The things one discovers ambling down the streets of downtown Palo Alto one warm night are many and wondrous. Among them is the lovely store pictured above. What do you think this store does? I haven’t a more much better … Continue reading

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