The Things One Learns . . .

The things one discovers ambling down the streets of downtown Palo Alto one warm night are many and wondrous. Among them is the lovely store pictured above. What do you think this store does?

I haven’t a more much better idea than you do by looking at the pictures. From reading this article, I’m able to confirm that the store offers a combination of retail legal service (talk right in and talk to one of our lawyers — $45 for a 15 minute initial consultation), book vending (thus explaining the presence of the paper books in the display), and tablet selling (oddly not included in the window display). I’m not sure how these three businesses tie in with one another, and I sure don’t have an idea how the storefront is paying its $50,000 a month rent (perhaps the online business is subsidizing its brick-and-mortar sister?). But, as an observer with no money in the game, I’m really interested in seeing how this business model will turn out. Do you think retail legal service will catch on?

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4 Responses to The Things One Learns . . .

  1. Oren says:

    The more important question is how did they overlooked the potential complementarity of selling hummus!

  2. The cat that walks by herself says:

    Hello, I nominated your blog for a Shine On Award :). The award guidelines are up on my page; I hope you’ll participate!

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