Peter Suber’s book “Open Access” has gone open access today. It’s free, free, free!

Even better: Open Access is available in a myriad of formats, including not only your run-of-the-mill PDF but also ePub, Mobi, and HTML. Get the book from its publisher, the MIT Press, for free here. (Alternatively, you can pay Amazon $9.99 for the exact same electronic text.)

Peter Suber’s book is free because the author licensed it via a Creative Commons license, allowing the book to be freely released a year after its publication. This is a pretty neat way to use a Creative Commons license! Seeing the innovative use of the license adds an extra dollop of pleasure to the usual amount I get when a book I want to read is freely available.

Finally, do you guys remember the Library License I mentioned on this blog earlier? I would guess this time-delayed use of a Creative Commons license is an inspiration for the Library License performance trigger licenses, which is itself a pretty cool idea. Do you guys know of any book that has been licensed using this spin-off of Creative Commons licenses?

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