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The Things One Learns . . .

The things one discovers ambling down the streets of downtown Palo Alto one warm night are many and wondrous. Among them is the lovely store pictured above. What do you think this store does? I haven’t a more much better … Continue reading

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Judicial Activism in Copyright

Judicial activism, the idea that judges can and should interpret the law flexibly to fit the exigencies of the time and even to nudge the times along, sounds to my layman’s ears like a term that those who utter it, … Continue reading

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Capitol Records v. ReDigi Decided!

Capitol Records v. ReDigi, a court case revolving around whether people can sell their used  iTunes tracks through ReDigi has been decided at the district court level. “No, siree” is the answer Judge Sullivan gave. Read a more detailed discussion … Continue reading

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I Heart Free Software

I love free software! I love the fact that we live in a generous world where we have a) highly paid, highly trained people who work together to make stuff for other to use for free, b) highly paid, highly … Continue reading

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The DRM Chair

From (a website that I confess I know nothing about) comes the DRM Chair, a chair that ” has only a limited number of use before it self-destructs”. Check out the video illustrating how the DRM on chair works below. On … Continue reading

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Collaborative Archiving

I had the chance recently to make a presentation on some analysis I did with a small dataset. The goal for the project was to develop criteria to select a number of journals for archiving (think remove from the library shelves … Continue reading

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Talk and Tell — a Privacy Intrusion?

Suppose you have a talk with somebody, and something in the conversation kindles a discussion that you have with somebody else later. Is it a privacy intrusion to mention the first person’s name in talking to the second person? Is … Continue reading

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