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The Things One Learns . . .

The things one discovers ambling down the streets of downtown Palo Alto one warm night are many and wondrous. Among them is the lovely store pictured above. What do you think this store does? I haven’t a more much better … Continue reading

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The DRM Chair

From thedeconstruction.org (a website that I confess I know nothing about) comes the DRM Chair, a chair that ” has only a limited number of use before it self-destructs”. Check out the video illustrating how the DRM on chair works below. On … Continue reading

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Fun and Cool Intellectual Property Facts

I had a wonderful time at a week-long intellectual property rights seminar I attended this month. I come away from it, if but a tiny bit wiser, than at least full of juicy and surprising facts about intellectual property that … Continue reading

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The Salad Divide

Below I present to you the salad divide. On one side of the divide are those who have and eat salads; on the other, those who don’t. “The salad divide?”, you ask incredulously. “Who cares about the salad divide? This is … Continue reading

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Previously, on T&B, I’ve asked whether our blogs are our intellectual property or WordPress’s. It seems like Google has either a) answered that question or b) introduced further confusion into the issue. As announced, Google is retiring its Buzz (perhaps … Continue reading

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