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Peter Suber’s book “Open Access” has gone open access today. It’s free, free, free! Even better: Open Access is available in a myriad of formats, including not only your run-of-the-mill PDF but also ePub, Mobi, and HTML. Get the book … Continue reading

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Wikipedia as an Image Source

From the Copyright Librarian at the University of Minnesota, we get this great post about permissions for images found on Wikipedia. On public domain images, for instance, the Copyright Librarian had this to say Note: Wikipedians may not always be 100% correct … Continue reading

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A Giving Pledge for Authors

The author Chinua Achebe died last week. Writers at many literary outlets have written to express their thoughts at the passing of this “iconic Nigerian novelist”. To this panoply of thoughts, I’d like to add one: 70 years from today, or the year … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the AHA’s statement on open access

The American Historical Association (AHA) put out a statement recently to express concerns about developments in the open access movement. In brief, the AHA is afraid that the open access model siphons money away from poor authors, flagship journals, and … Continue reading

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This is the Most Awesome Thing Since Sliced Bread.

The most awesome thing since sliced bread is, of course, a license to grant “public non-commercial online access to copyrighted material” after sales of the material has dropped below a preset threshold. How sensible and cool is that! Check out a … Continue reading

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Open Books Publishers

Open Book Publishers, the second publisher featured in this series is much different than RosettaBooks, its predecessor. While RosettaBooks is an aggressive commercial publisher, Open Book Publishers is an academic publisher “committed to making high-quality research available to readers around … Continue reading

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DH201 Post #4: DH Readings & Open Access

Happy Open Access Week, everyone! This is a bit belated as Open Access Week this year ran from October 21-28, but in honor of the open, generous sentiments behind the Open Access movement (even if the week in its name … Continue reading

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